Self-Care For Teachers

2020 is the year the world turned upside down. Probably more-so for teachers than any other profession. In a matter of weeks, teachers were asked to work from home with an unfamiliar set of tools with which to perform a job that differed significantly from the one they trained for.

Even during the best of times teaching is a high stress profession.

Under today’s unprecedented conditions, its no wonder not only teachers but society in general is experiencing anxiety.

Prior to the onset of the pandemic self-care had already become a media buzz word and despite the hype, research supported real physical and emotional benefits.

Information on the advantages of self care, and tons of recommendations, routines, and how-to’s are widely available.

Then why aren’t more teachers following this advice?

Mini Self-Care Quiz

Question: Do you have a self-care routine?


  1. Yes of course, doesn’t everybody?
  2. Umm kinda
  3. Aint nobody got time for that
If you chose B or C, you are not alone! Limited time is the number one reason cited for not employing a self care routine.



In addition to lack of time, many people equate self care with selfishness and self indulgence.

But like the proverbial oxygen masks on planes, you cant help others without first helping yourself.

In order to be that balanced, consistent loving person in the lives of others, you have to first take care of yourself.

Easier said than done, right? Wrong! Self care doesn’t have to be time consuming or guilt inducing to produce huge results.

I am about to show you a few easy ways to incorporate self care into your hectic daily life!

Start Here: Self-Care Mini’s

Forget the complicated checklists and routine builders (at least for now) associated with self-care practices. Instead take out a piece of paper or open a new document. Yes, I mean right now! If you wait until later, it won’t happen. (You can also print out the worksheets in the Free Starter Kit below)  

Set a timer for 5 minutes and begin making a list of as many things you can think of that make you happy and bring you joy or pleasure.

When the timer rings, you are done for now, or you can continue.



On another piece of paper make three columns and label them 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes.

Put items from your list in each column with the time they take to do. Some items like reading, can go in all three columns.

Each day try to fit in a total of an hour of activities spread throughout the day. It’s the same concept as exercise, an hour of sustained activity may be ideal, but an hour broken up throughout the day is better than none – and you may find you can fit in even more!

Even if you only have time for one ten-minute block at the start, that is okay. Don’t stress about it, do what you can, but make it a priority to do at least one!

Combine  Activities

Download some podcasts. There are thousands of them on every subject imaginable.

Pick some in your field, your hobby, humor, stories, or something brand new. Then listen while walking the dog, commuting, or cleaning the bathroom.

Share Activities

Self-care and “me time” are not the same. Self-care can be shared with your children, partner, or friend. Now is a wonderful time to introduce kids to self-care.

Celebrate a made up holiday, plant a garden, or have movie night complete with buttery popcorn!


Adult coloring has become popular as a self-care activity. It is fun and relaxing and an excellent activity to share with kids of any age (your own or students!).
I have created a FREE SELF-CARE STARTER KIT for you, which includes your self-care planning worksheets, beautiful mandala coloring cards with and without positive sayings and 4 mandala posters.
To get this awesome kit fill out the form below. You will receive an email which will give you instant access to my growing resource library of freebies!


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