34 Awesome, Splendid, Marvelous, Imaginative, Structured Writing Prompts For Your Reluctant Writers

He slowly slid his paper across the table to me, attempting to hide the little rip from erasing too hard.

Do you know why I like dolphins? I like them cause they are fun.
They are fun to watch. They do good tricks.
They have good herring (hearing) and they can see good.
Some books have good pictures of dolphins. They are fun to look at.
They live in water but are not fish but mamals.
Someday maybe I would get to swim with dolphins and would be good.


                                                                                        Jon Grade 3

I was horrified and tried to hide it by concentrating on the fact that he at least spelled dolphin correctly.

“Well” I said a little too loudly. I tried again. “Well, you certainly made the point that you like dolphins”. He just stood there. I took a deep breath. “Maybe we can think of some other words besides “good” I asked. Again, he just stood there. After the longest time he finally said in all sincerity “very good”?

The prompt – Write about your favorite animal and why
The writer – My son
A teacher’s child
A child who attended the same school where his mom taught
The teacher – A well-respected colleague and good friend of mine

Three years later, my daughter would blossom as a writer with this same teacher and to this day, as an adult she still loves to write.

My son was what we call a reluctant writer. As teachers and parents, we have all had them. Some years it seems as if the whole class are reluctant writers. Writing is painful for them and painful for the reader.

Luckily for Jon his teacher figured out he needed prompts with more structure, not less. His writing improved slowly and he learned to use some adjectives.

Fun Fact – He graduated college and now does technical writing for a living.

While changing the type of writing prompts won’t necessarily be enough to make competent writers out of your reluctant writers, it is a step in the right direction.

Below you will find a list of 34 good awesome, splendid, marvelous, imaginative, structured writing prompts for your reluctant writers.

March 1 – National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
Crunchy or Creamy? Which is your favorite and why? What do you like to eat it on, or with?

March 2 – Read Across America
Design a bookmark highlighting your favorite Dr. Seuss book.

March 3 – National I Want You to be Happy Day
Pick someone you think needs cheering up and make a list of things you could do to make them happy.

March 4 – International Scrapbooking Day
Years ago, before everyone had cameras people kept scrapbooks filled with memorabilia like ticket stubs, recipes and letters. They also drew pictures and wrote notes about places they went and everyday events. Pick a historical figure and make a scrapbook with drawings and words to tell their story.

March 5 – Clean Up Australia Day
Every year groups of Australians go out and clean up parks, beaches and streets. Think of a place in your community you would like to clean up. Write about why and how you would convince friends and family to help you.

March 6 – Oreo Cookie’s Birthday
Did you know there are more than 25 flavors of Oreo cookies. Write about how you like to eat Oreos. What do you like to drink with them? What would be a good flavor for a new filling?

March 7 – National Cereal Day
Invent your own cereal. Will it be hot or cold? What ingredients will you put in it? Write a recipe and share it with your friends or make a class book.

March 8 – International Women’s Day
This year the theme is Be Bold for Change. Design a poster to celebrate women’s achievements using this theme and a woman from history or your life.

March 9 – Barbie’s Birthday
Make a birthday card for Barbie. Barbie is actually 58 years old, but you can pretend she is any age when you make her card.

March 10 – Middle Name Pride Day
Do you have a middle name? If you don’t have one chose your own for the day. Find out why your parents gave you that name or why they didn’t give you one. Make a badge with your middle name and wear it proudly.

March 11 – International Fannie Pack Day
Chose a T.V. or movie character and write about what they might keep in their fanny pack.

March 12 – Girl Scout Day
Think of something you would like to teach to a friend and design a merit badge for it. Write  directions for how someone could earn the badge.

March 13 – Good Samaritan Day
Write about a time you were a good Samaritan.

March 14 – Pi Day
Write about something you would like to go on and on and on forever.

March 15 – Incredible Kid Day
Write a story about an Incredible Kid Contest and why you should be the winner.

March 16 – Panda Day
Make a zoo brochure about the panda exhibit.

March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day
Many Irish families like to eat corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day. Have you ever tasted it? Do you think it is made with corn? Write a recipe for how you think this traditional meal is cooked.

March 18 – Quilting Day
Many years ago, women made quilts to tell a story about their family. Design a quilt to tell the story of your family.

March 19 – International Read to Me Day
Pick a real or fictional character and write about why you would like that character to read to you. What story would you ask them to read and why?

March 20 – International Day of Happiness
Make a coupon book for someone you care about. Give them coupons for things that will make them happy.

March 21 – Children’s Poetry Day
Write a poem about one of your favorite things i.e. favorite animal, favorite food, favorite sport etc.

March 22 – International Day of the Seal

March 23 – Puppy Day
Write about what it would be like to adopt a new puppy. What would it look like? What would you name it? What things would you need to get before bringing it home.

March 24 – Harry Houdini’s Birthday
Pretend you are a famous magician with a magical wand. Write about what magic you would perform with this amazing wand.

March 25 – Waffle Day
Do you like waffles? Make a list of things you would like as toppings on your waffle.

March 26 – Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
Create your own holiday. Write about when it would be and how you would celebrate.

March 27 – National Joe Day
Make a list of all the Joes you know. They can be friends and relatives as well as famous people. Then choose one and write an acrostic poem.

March 28 – Something on a Stick Day
There is a restaurant in Amsterdam and everything is served on a stick. What would it be like to eat or work there? What if you could eat all your meals today on a stick? What would be on your stick for breakfast, lunch, dinner?

March 29 – Coca Cola’s Birthday
Design a new look for a coke bottle or customize a can, then write an advertisement for it.

March 30 – Mom and Pop Business Owners Day
Imagine your mom and dad want to open a store. What kind of store would it be? What things would you sell? Where would it be located?

March 31 – Crayon Day
If you were a crayon what color would you be? How do you like living in a box with other crayons?      Write a conversation between two different colored crayons in a messy desk.

Bonus Prompts

American Chocolate Week (March 19-25)

Write a letter to Mr. Wonka and convince him he should give you a ticket to his chocolate factory.

Design a candy bar and special ticket for a contest. Make a list of the contest rules. Describe the kind of candy inside the wrapper and the prize the winner of the ticket will receive.

What if you could have your own chocolate room in your house? What would it look like? Would you tell people about it? Why or why not? Who would you invite in?

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