First Day of School 2020

What Will Your Photos Look Like?

First day of school photos are legendary. There are 100’s of ideas online to inspire teachers and parents to create adorable photo shoots. From quick and easy printable signs to elaborate photo booths, Pinterest usually has you covered.



But this year school openings are different, so what will first day of school photos look like?


Pondering this question, brought back memories of my own kids first days of school many years ago.


                                                                                                  BACK TO SCHOOL 1992

I grabbed a scrapbook (don’t laugh it was the 90’s! ) from the shelf, and flipped to my son’s kindergarten photos, his toothless grin staring back at me from the over-decorated pages.

I vividly recalled taking those first day of school pictures in front of our fireplace, on our front steps and boarding the bus so (by request), I was sure to get a picture of his new backpack!

As a teacher-mom, there was little time for(my) tears as I raced to drop my 2 year old at the babysitters and get to work. It was the first day of school for me too. 

At the end of the day, we all returned home tired and sweaty and I just couldn’t face cooking.


So the Chinese Restaurant it was!

We enjoyed a leisurely and delicious dinner with no prep and no cleanup! We talked  day and fortune cookies ended the meal. One last photo of the whole stuffed and happy family in front of the restaurant and it was home to bed for the kids,



That is how “First Day of School fireplace, porch and backpack photos followed by Chinese Restaurant dinner” became a tradition in our family  and continued for both my children for the next 15 years.


                                                                                           FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL 2020

This year, my granddaughter enters kindergarten. My  daughter looked forward to continuing our photo traditions with her daughter.

But, my granddaughter  will be starting school remotely. There will be no new backpack on the bus photo and no Chinese restaurant dinner for her this year.


School will be different in 2020 and so will our first day of school traditions and photos! My girls are excited to add some new variations to Back to School. Perhaps you will try them too!



Have you heard of the backpack fairy? I hadn’t  until recently. She is a magical being, a distant cousin to the tooth fairy, who comes on School Year’s Eve and leaves special crayons or markers, a treat and maybe a new book in your child’s new backpack! I will  she will definitely visit my granddaughter!

Add a bit of glitter and you will have the makings of great memories and photos!




Although they can’t go to the Chinese Restaurant, deliver works!




After dinner they will begin another new tradition – completing the first pages in my “A Year of Memories and Monthly All About Me Pages”.


This is an ongoing project with monthly pages for recording how she writes her name, how she goes to school, a favorite book, something she is proud of and something she learned.




There are also over 40 pages for holidays and special days. The pages are designed so students can attach photos, write and or draw picture.


The pages are easy to complete and can be used for in person or distance learning by parents or teachers.


By the last day of school, they will have a treasured keepsake.


If you would like to try this new approach to Memory Books you can get a copy from my TpT  Store by clicking the picture below.

You can also try a free sample if you would like! Click below.

So what will your First Day of School Photos look like?  Will your children be sporting a brand new mask along with their new backpack? Or will all or part of their learning be from home? Whatever it is, remember we are making history and making memories so be sure to snap some photos to document Back to School 2020.

I would love to hear about your experience, so leave a comment below!


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