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Don’t Just Say “Thank You” – A Guide For Teaching Gratitude in the Classroom

Just a few days ago, little ghosts and goblins were knocking on doors, yelling trick or treat, and being reminded to say thank you before running to the next house. Teaching a child to say thank you is good manners. There isn’t a parent or grandparent among us who...

4 Reasons to Love February

  Hi There Teacher Friends! Is it cold and snowy where you live? It is for me. We had 24 inches of snow a few days ago. I’m not a winter kind of girl.I hate being cold. I don't like driving in wintry conditions. I don't even like walking in it. For real, every...

Self-Care For Teachers When There Is No Time

2020 is the year the world turned upside down. Probably more-so for teachers than any other profession. In a matter of weeks, teachers were asked to work from home with an unfamiliar set of tools with which to perform a job that differed significantly from the one...

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