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34 Prompts for Reluctant Writers

He slowly slid his paper across the table to me, attempting to hide the little rip from erasing too hard. Do you know why I like dolphins? I like them cause they are fun. They are fun to watch. They do good tricks. They have good herring (hearing) and they can see...
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Planner Love

HOW I FINALLY GOT THE PERFECT PLANNER AND YOU CAN TOO! Last week I broke up with my planner. It was beautiful in the beginning, but after just a few weeks I knew something was wrong. Something was missing and wasn’t working for me. I had to admit the relationship just...
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Unofficial Guide to Ugly Christmas Sweaters

What Is The Ugly Christmas Sweater Craze? The Ugly Christmas Sweater, has in recent years amassed so much attention, it has become a “thing”. In the unlikely event that you haven’t heard of it, the concept requires participants to compete by wearing the gaudiest, most...
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